Pacific Stair Corporation's Stack-A-Shaft® is a stacking stair system that solves many problems commonly found in the construction industry. Stack-A-Shaft® has been designed to solve access, elevation and tolerance issues. Stack-A-Shaft® units are flown into place by crane and are ready for use typically in less than one hour, providing immediate access for crews. Stack-A-Shaft® is designed for multiple building configurations and construction techniques. Each unit includes flights, landings, rail, and connections ready to tie into the building structure and next unit.


SAS®-LG Light Gage Steel Structures

  • Designed to connect directly to light gage members.
  • Self Supporting: no need for additional steel for stair openings or support.


SAS®-WF Wood Framed Structures

  • SAS® come with connections for wood joists or beams.


SAS®-PT Concrete Post Tension Slab Structures

  • Installed BEFORE slab is poured - helps to confirm elevations.


SAS®-HS Heavy Structural Steel Structures

  • Multiple attachments available - bolting or welding as required.
  • Ability to set stairs without the need to have all decking in place.


Why Stack-A-Shaft®?

Trades are using the stairs during the construction phase.

  • Access to the highest working deck.
  • Eliminate the cost and the need for temporary stairs, wood ladders, or man-lifts to get workers to the highest working platforms.
  • Keeps your project OSHA compliant from day one.

Finish floor elevations are pre-determined by the Stack-A-Shaft®system and are easier to control.

  • Floors are framed to the Stack-A-Shaft®, eliminating the guess work.
  • Discrepancies are better controlled by having a fixed reference point to work from.
  • Needed changes in elevation are more precise with Stack-A-Shaft® system.

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