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Our In-House drafting and detailing team is made up of experienced professionals who provide a full suite of design services.

For every project, Pacific Stair provides complete code-compliant submittal drawings that are engineered and ready for Contractor, Architect, Structural Engineer and City approval. Our project drafters are knowledgeable managers who collaborate with everyone involved, from estimation to installation, and are available to answer and resolve many questions.

Once approved, our detailing team initiates the manufacturing process. Our fabrication detailers are experienced and efficient, working closely with project drafters and manufacturing managers to produce accurate and detailed fabrication plans for our in-house manufacturing facility.


  • Dedicated Project Drafters
  • Submittal Drawings (Erection, Rail, Rough Opening & Embed Layout)
  • Design and Connection Details
  • 3D Modeling (BIM)
  • Fabrication Detailing (For Manufacturing)
  • Document Control (Revisions, RFI's, Field Fixes)
  • Drawing Check Procedure