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Our certifications set the quality standard for our products and enforce our Quality Management Systems.


Accredited Special Inspection & Testing

Pacific Stair uses licensed and certified Special Inspection and Testing Agencies. Our choice of agencies are nationally accredited as a testing laboratory by the American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA) and meets all the requirements of ASTM C1077 and ASTM D3666. These certifications provide Pacific Stair with a high level of assurance that inspection and testing operations are performed in compliance with the strict quality control requirements of these organizations, as well as nationally and internationally accepted standards.


American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC)

The AISC Quality Management System (QMS) Certification is the most recognized national quality certification program for the structural steel industry. Our AISC certification requires that we are accountable for all facets of our organization including management responsibility, employee training, material purchasing & handling, and project-specific erection plans.


Certified Welding Fabricators - American Welding Society (AWS) 

Pacific Stair certifies that our work is done according to a qualified welding procedure by welders who have been tested, have available qualification test sheets, and can attest to their ability to weld in accordance with our Welding Procedure Specification (WPS).

Our standards for a certified weld are set by the American Welding Society (AWS). The Welding Procedure Specification (WPS) primarily defines a specific welding procedure. AWS further defines the test sheets for this procedure as the Procedure Qualification Record (PQR). A PQR consists of two sheets: the first sheet defines all the parameters, while the second is the actual test record. Our independent testing laboratory responsible for the weld test completes a report referred to as the Welder Procedure Qualification Record or WPQR. These four documents make up the complete set.


Clark County, Nevada Fabricator

License #: 505

Licensed Since: 1989


LA City Fabricator 

License #: 1764

Licensed Since: 1989