STNS: For Steel Stair Manufacturers


Safe-T-Nose® For Steel Stair Manufacturers (STNS) is a photo-luminescent "Glow-in-the-Dark" nosing designed for stair fabricators. With proper design planning, STNS can be attached to a variety of tread types and materials at the time of manufacturing. STNS offers a simple solution when stairs must be fabricated with safety nosing incorporated into the design.


STNS attaches to:

  • concrete filled stairs
  • checker plate stairs
  • grating stairs
  • wood treads
  • various other tread materials


STNS is able to be installed:

  • during manufacturing
  • at the time of concrete pour
  • after stair installation with exposed surface


Stair tread designs govern the assembly:

  • When a smooth lip exists, the aluminum nose is attach directly to the lip.
  • When pan filled treads are designed with a lip, the plastic isolator must snap on before concrete pour.


STNS is the industry's only safety nosing with a construction cover included. The construction cover is simply snapped off and recycled once the project is complete to reveal the untarnished nosing extrusion and glow-in-the-dark striping. Several options allow STNS to be customized, providing further step designation and offering a unique finish appeal.

Safe-T-Nose® reduces tripping hazards and illuminates the walkway in the event of an emergency. Extruded from premium aluminum, Safe-T-Nose® is durable and slip resistant. Our glow-in-the-dark material is at the cutting edge of chemical phosphorescent technology and provides the brightest, longest lasting non-toxic glow that is available.

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