Safe-T-Nose® Retrofit (STNR)


Safe-T-Nose® Retrofit (STNR) is a photo-luminescent "Glow-in-the-dark" nosing, applied to existing stairways. STNR offers a universal, low-profile, design that can be applied to existing apartment complex stairs, commercial stairs, bleachers or any other high foot traffic stairway.

STNR is a non-slip extruded aluminum safety stair nosing for indoor or outdoor stairs. STNR offers an absolute safety solution for property owners who must keep their stairways safe during all light conditions. STNR is installed on the edge of existing stair treads with the use of adhesive, screws or rivets. STNR can be knurled for additional slip resistance and painted to further designate stair steps. Finish options also provide a unique finished appeal.

Safe-T-Nose® reduces tripping hazards and illuminates the walkway in the event of an emergency. Extruded from premium aluminum, Safe-T-Nose® is durable and slip resistant. Our glow-in-the-dark material is at the cutting edge of chemical phosphorescent technology and provides the brightest, long lasting, non-toxic glow that is available.

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